The Spice Depot™ Spicy Sea Salt

The Spice Depot™ Spicy Sea Salt invites the spicy and exotic flavors of the ancient spice route to your table. Flavors from Northern Africa, Asia and the spice islands mingle beautifully together in a coarse natural sea salt kissed by cumin, ginger, paprika, basil and garlic. Use Spice Depot Spicy Sea Salt in place of regular sea salt or try some of our favorite recipes.

Grind The Spice Depot™ Spicy Sea Salt instead of regular salt or sea salt in savory recipes of all kinds. The exotic blend of 14 herbs and spices is time-saving recipe in a bottle on its own and little more than a few twists of the wrist are required.

Grind The Spice Depot™ Spicy Sea Salt into chicken, beef and fish recipes, into soups and stews and stir-fries, and all types of vegetables. Grind over kettle or microwave popcorn - with or without butter.

Add a teaspoon of Spice Depot Spicy Sea Salt to warm olive oil and use in place of butter over vegetables like baked potato, carrots and corn on the cob, or in polenta and cornbread recipes.

Add Spicy Sea Salt to ground or cubed lamb for the World's Best lamb burgers or kebabs. Grill skewered lamb on the barbeque or under the broiler and serve with a dip made from sour cream or plain yogurt to which Spicy Sea Salt, fresh lime juice and chopped fresh mint have been added.

100% recyclable plastic grinder top and glass bottle, safety sealed for your protection

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