The Spice Depotâ„¢ Sea Salt & Peppercorn Combo

The Spice Depot™ Sea Salt & Peppercorn Combo with 100% coarse natural sea salt harvested from the ocean and our Black Peppercorns from India and Madagascar are hand picked from the piper nigrum at precisely the right moment, before the berries ripen and lose their pungency and spicy flavor. Sea Salt is naturally lower in sodium than traditional iodized salt and has a milder, less acidic flavor. Sea Salt is a flavor kick-starter, or catalyst, and most Chefs keep a grinder or bowl of sea salt right next to the stove.

Spice Depot Black Pepper is no ordinary pepper. Fresh grind Spice Depot Black Peppercorns everyday in place of regular pepper or try some of our favorite recipes, both savory and sweet.

Keep a grinder each of Spice Depot Sea Salt and Black Peppercorns on your table and you will always be prepared to make life more delicious. Better yet, collect all 12 Spice Depot blends and Always Grind Fresh.

100% recyclable plastic grinder top and glass bottle, safety sealed for your protection.

Sea Salt & Peppercorn Combo
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